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Multnomah County Fair
May 25 - 27, 2024
Fair History
The Multnomah County Fair started in 1906 in Gresham. In the beginning it was known as the Grange Fair. The idea of hosting a fair was formed in the mid-1890’s by several members of Gresham Grange and Multnomah’s Grange. On July 13, 1906, at a regular meeting at Gresham Grange, a motion was made and passed that each Grange in Multnomah County cooperate in presenting a County Fair. Arrangements were made to hold it on a tract of land in Gresham that had been intended for a park. The Gresham Grange served as the Multnomah County Fair Office in the early years. 

The Multnomah County Fairgrounds were sold off by the County leaders in 1966 and an alternative site was purchased in North Portland. It took a few years for work to be completed on what became known as the Expo Center, so the fair continued in Gresham until 1968. After 62 years on the original site, the fair operated at the Expo Center until 1996, around the time that the Multnomah County Commission decided to remove County funding. At that time, a group of community minded citizens formed “Friends of the Multnomah County Fair, Inc.” and took over operations. If not for Rick Paul, Mary Trupp, Frank Knapp, Lillian Adams, and Rick Sanders, the fair would not have continued to exist.

 The fair moved to Historic Oaks Park in 1997. Aside from two years in the early 2000’s, when the fair was hosted at Portland Meadows, the beautiful Oaks Park grounds and Dance Pavilion have served as the perfect location for this event. Many thanks to Ron Burback of Funtastic Inc., for being a key negotiator for bringing the fair to this venue. 

The fair offers every man, woman and child a chance to exhibit their skills in gardening, fiber arts, food preparation, arts and crafts, and photography, arts and crafts. Local vendors, craftspersons, and entertainers are provided the opportunity to earn cash and promote their business. The current Friends of Multnomah County Fair Leadership Team is made up of a dedicated group of community volunteers. We are proud to present this event for the purpose of uniting people from all walks of life and to celebrate the positive things they have to offer our community. 

- Larry Smith, President “Friends of Multnomah County Fair”
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